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How To Decide if You Need a California Personal Injury Attorney to File a Claim

Posted by AgnewBrusavich | Dec 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

Victims of California injury accidents can look to file a California personal injury suit against the negligent parties that inflicted their harm. Filing a California personal injury claim is an important right that victims have to recover the compensation they need to pay for the damages they suffered. Some people think that they are limited when it comes to filing a claim and obtaining financial compensation because they believe the only way that they can do it is by doing it themselves. While there are no laws that stop a victim from filing their own personal injury suit, there are a couple of things that victims should know before they proceed. 

Should You File a California Personal Injury Lawsuit without Legal Representation?

When you were injured in an accident in California and it resulted in serious injuries it is important that you obtain the most compensation possible. You will need sufficient payment to cover your damages and losses. When you file your suit alone, you should be prepared that there is a lot of work that goes into building and filing a California personal injury claim. In addition to the effort involved, everything must be done correctly for your claim to be seen and have the chance to be successful.

First, if you aren't familiar with how the personal injury claim process in California works, you should spend time researching this information. Additionally, you will need to put time into understanding the California injury laws so you can find which ones apply to your case. Every case is unique so the laws that are suitable for your case may not be the same that would be applicable for another person's injury accident experience.

You will be responsible for investigating all the details of your accident including speaking with witnesses, finding evidence, and collecting all supporting proof. Then you must calculate how much your claim is worth and what you expect to obtain in a settlement. Next, you will have to write your claim that you will submit to the court. Before you submit your claim to the court, however, you must identify which court system is right for your case. In addition to the claim that you must put together, you must gather the correct paperwork from the court and fill each document out the right way. 

Once you have all the groundwork in place, you will need a court summons to have the defendant respond to your suit. If all steps have been completed correctly, you will then need solid negotiation skills and a savvy ability to explain your case and be persuasive to improve your chances of winning your case. 

Speak with a California Personal Injury Attorney Today

These steps only outline a brief overview of what goes into pursuing a California personal injury suit. When you work with the Torrance personal injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich, all of this work will be done for you. AgnewBrusavich will not collect payment from any client unless we win their case, making obtaining legal representation realistic for all victims of injury accidents. If you would prefer to have an experienced and talented legal team manage your personal injury claim in California, please call the Torrance catastrophic injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich today to schedule your free consultation at (310) 928-9081. 

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