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Why California Bicyclists Shouldn’t Ride on Sidewalks

Posted by AgnewBrusavich | Dec 09, 2020 | 0 Comments

You may be surprised to know that California bicyclists riding on the sidewalk are actually at increased risk for accidents than they would be if they rode on the street. Sedans, vans, trucks, and other vehicles on the road pose a serious risk of injury to bicyclists both on the sidewalk and on the road, but when you are on the sidewalk your risk for an accident is actually much higher than if you drove your bike on the road. Parents won't let their children on the road when they are little and riding their bikes, and this is probably a good practice. For little riders, parents are often with them when they are using their bikes. Parents keep an eye on their children as they ride and don't let them cross the street without their approval, and this makes sense.

It is a different story when it comes to adult drivers. The dangers that exist on the sidewalk put bicyclists at increased risk for bodily harm. Put simply, if you are a responsible adult driver, it is better for you to share the road with other vehicles and it is incredibly important that you follow the rules of the road while you are riding. If you do find yourself in a situation where you are riding your bike and you get hit, call the California personal injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich. Regardless of if your injuries are mild or severe, you deserve to be compensated for harm brought to you by the negligence of another party.

What Makes Sidewalks Dangerous for Bicyclists?

First, routine maintenance on sidewalks is not always reliable. Many sidewalks are uneven, have gaps, and are broken. The unevenness of the surface makes it very difficult for a bicyclist to travel safely. If a cyclist is riding at high rates of speed and doesn't see one of these hazards they could run into it with little time to stop and be thrown off of their bike.

Other pedestrians' safety on sidewalks is also an issue. A speeding bike can catch someone walking, jogging, or pushing a stroller and cause these individuals harm. For bicyclists, if they come upon someone unexpectedly they may have to dart out into the road and a car driving by may hit them. They can also swerve out of the way to avoid crashing into another pedestrian and in the process be thrown off of their bike.

The other critical issue with driving on the sidewalk is that when drivers of automobiles are traveling, they are looking at the road, not sidewalk traffic. When cyclists are driving on sidewalks and then cross into intersections, they can take drivers of cars by surprise. Because bicyclists have to exit sidewalks onto the street often and into intersections, every time they do so they put themselves in a perilous situation for a driver to miss their presence and hit them.

Bicycle road safety is of the upmost importance. To learn more about bicycle safety tips, read the road safety guide at 

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