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Why You Shouldn’t Sign a Medical Release Form after a California Car Accident

Posted by AgnewBrusavich | Dec 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

The aftermath of a catastrophic traffic accident can be very messy. The emotional toll that an accident experience causes along with the struggle to recover from severe injuries, deal with legal battles, and manage the mounting costs associated with the incident is a lot for anyone to handle. The insurance company knows how fragile victims of California traffic accidents can be and they will try to take advantage of that fact so they can get a victim to sign off on a settlement that is much less than they need and deserve. Insurance companies are not the friend of an accident victim, which is one of the many reasons why it is wise to work with an experienced California car accident attorney after a crash. 

The California automobile accident attorneys at AgnewBrusavich know the tactics that the insurance companies try to employ and they have extensive experience protecting their clients from this predatory and unfair behavior. When you file a California personal injury claim it is important that you are awarded a settlement amount that accounts for all of the damages you suffered. Accepting a settlement that isn't sufficient to pay for your damages will leave you paying out of pocket for the losses you suffered when the settlement money runs out.

When Should You Sign a Medical Release Form after a California Traffic Accident?

When you receive a medical authorization form to sign from the insurance company be wary. Don't be too eager to sign everything the insurance company sends you without having your attorney look the documents over and provide you counsel on how to proceed. The insurance companies are going to try to get as much information as they can that would harmful to your case. They don't want to pay you at all if they can, but if they must pay for your damages they want to pay you the least amount possible.

A medical authorization form basically gives the insurance company the freedom to look over your entire medical history. With this type of access, there is a higher likelihood that they may find something not related at all to the injuries from your accident that they can use against you to devalue your claim. While there are times that signing off on a medical authorization form is necessary, the majority of the time you are not required to provide such in-depth information into your past.

Your Torrance personal injury attorney at AgnewBrusavich will tell you when it is appropriate to sign a medical authorization form and when it is not. When the insurance company only needs to have information on the medical treatment and care you are receiving for your current injuries and not your entire medical history, your attorney will make sure they are only privy to the limited information required.

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