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Pedestrian Safety Tips in California

Posted by Bruce B. Brusavich | Jul 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

Pedestrians just like vehicles have the right to be safe on the roads. However, unlike automobiles, pedestrians have little protection surrounding them should they be hit by a heavy, 3,000 lb. car. California is a very populated state and there are many cars on the roads. Think the 405 at rush hour, it is a clogged, congested, heap of trucks, sedans, and motorcycles bumper to bumper. Because of this, there are many California traffic accidents that happen daily.

While the California Office of Traffic Safety reports that pedestrian fatalities have decreased from 2017 to 2018, California bicycle fatalities rose by almost 7% during the same timeframe. It isn't extremely busy highways that have the most issues with pedestrian accidents, the Governors Highway Safety Association says that local roads are where a large portion of these accidents take place. According to the GHSA, as many as 35% of pedestrian fatalities occur on local roads. 

In California, if you have been hit and injured by a negligent driver you have the right to pursue compensation for your damages. When you are trying to recover and work through the therapeutic or medical treatment plan your doctor has prescribed, the last thing you want to do is also be bogged down by a stressful legal battle. The California personal injury lawyers at AgnewBrusavich will help you with your California personal injury claim. We will fight on your behalf so that you obtain the compensation you both need and are entitled to.

How Can Pedestrians Stay Safe When They Must Share the Roads With Cars in California?

Nobody whether they are a pedestrian or a motorist has the ability to completely eliminate their risk for an accident on the roadways. There are more than 6 million car accidents that take place each year across the country. Car accidents are a regular occurrence in the United States. Even though you can't rule out accidents completely, there are steps you can take to improve your safety. If you decide to go out for a walk, a jog, or a bicycle ride, for instance, there are many safety tips that you can utilize as a pedestrian. These tips include:

  • Travel on sidewalks when available and parts of the road that are for pedestrian traffic.
  • Always use crosswalks to cross the road.
  • Be alert to your surroundings and to traffic. 
  • Call a cab and avoid walking outside when you are drunk or on drugs where you do not have control over your body.
  • Use shoulders if you must walk on the road when there are no sidewalks, and do so facing oncoming traffic.
  • Drivers may not see you walking on the road, so never assume they do.
  • At night or in weather where there is poor visibility, using reflective clothing and gear makes you much more visible.

Where Can You Find a California Personal Injury Attorney?

It does not take much effort or time to call the Torrance personal injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.  Our team of Torrance pedestrian accident injury attorneys can help you with your California personal injury claim at ((310) 928-9081.

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