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What Can Be Done To Reduce Drowning Accidents in California?

Posted by Bruce B. Brusavich | Nov 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

There are several ways that a person can be a victim of a California drowning accident. While children are the most at-risk group, according to the World Health Organisation, everyone of every age range, every background, and gender is at risk for a serious if not fatal drowning accident. Natural disasters, negligence around bodies of water like the ocean or a pool, accidents near water hazards, and boating and jetski incidents are just some examples of situations where drowning can take place.

Even the way a person drowns can vary depending on the situation and there are six defined categories for drowning accidents. These include:

  • The most common form of drowning is wet drowning accidents. Wet drownings happen when a person is stuck underwater and their body forces them to breathe, thus taking in liquid and filling up their lungs.
  • Dry drowning happens without the lungs filling up with water. The body forces the throat to close and suffocation ensues.
  • Silent drowning where a person is struggling but doesn't' show visible signs that they are in danger and under duress.
  • Active drowning where the body stays above the water and wild movements are visible.
  • Passive drowning happens when a person cannot do anything because they are unconscious.
  • Secondary drowning happens when the lungs sustain damage in an earlier drowning incident and then the lungs fill up with bodily fluid.

What Tips Can Help Prevent California Drowning Accidents?

California drowning accidents can cause a victim to sustain immense bodily harm and damage that can negatively affect them for the rest of their life. It can also lead to death. In the case of secondary drowning, a victim may feel like they are safe and have been rescued from an initial drowning situation, but in the course of hours after their incident, their body will begin to rebel against them. As their body forces bodily fluid into their lungs it will ultimately suffocate them.

The WHO reported that there were in excess of 320,000 people who died in drowning accidents across the globe in 2016. As a result, the WHO developed a detailed list of tips and actions that individuals and governments can make to improve public safety when it comes to drowning:

  • Making sure that wells and openings on streets and sidewalks have coverings.
  • Locking and blocking doorways.
  • Keeping children in safe playpens.
  • Constructing strong fencing around pools with locked gates.
  • Get rid of water hazards.
  • Watch children around water.
  • Teach water safety.
  • Make a policy regarding drowning prevention.
  • Teaching water safety rescue skills.
  • National water safety procedures.
  • Boating guidelines
  • Shipping and ferry guidelines

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