Are Bicycle Accidents Common in California?

Riding a bike is a healthy and fun activity that seems innocent enough. It is easy to think that when we go out for a ride, we will be safe. Just like driving a car, some individuals ride their bikes so often, they aren’t considering the threats to their well-being that exist. Every time you ride your bike or get behind the wheel you are taking a risk. There are many factors that can take place which will lead to an accident. Unlike in a car, bicyclists do not have much protection surrounding them making them much more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries or death if they get into an accident.

If you or a loved one were in a California bicycle accident, AgnewBrusavich can help you with your California personal injury claim. The attorneys at AgnewBrusavich have helped many victims of Torrance bicycle accidents receive compensation for their injuries. We have also strongly advocated on behalf of families that lost loved ones in such accidents so that they were able to receive robust, and fair settlements for their tremendous losses. 

How Common are Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle accidents can happen anytime but according to the National Safety Council, reported bicycle accidents peak in the warmer, summer months. This makes sense as longer days and warmer climates make the environment more accommodating for outdoor activities like riding your bicycle. Recently, the number of bicycle accidents has been on the rise and along with these accidents injuries and fatalities have also been increasing.

Approximately one-third of the injuries that take place in bicycle accidents are head injuries. Most of these injuries to the head are treated in the emergency room for damage to the brain. Adults, who tend to drive on busier roads more often than children have the highest rate of fatalities. Of all the bicycle collisions with automobiles, adults make up 88% of bicyclist deaths.

In California, from 2014 through to 2019 772 bicyclists lost their lives, and over 59,000 sustained injuries. Across the nation, California’s fatal bicycle accidents make up a large portion of all the lives lost in these incidents. California bicycle safety laws say that when a motorist sees a bicyclist on the road, they must leave three feet of clearance between their vehicle and the bicyclist. If an officer sees a car not respecting this law, the driver can be pulled over and issued a citation.

It is a matter of life and death when it comes to wearing a helmet while riding a bike. The Governor’s Highway Safety Administration says that wearing a helmet that is properly fitted to the head reduces the risk of serious head injuries by over 50%. Even Consumer Reports indicates that when a bicyclist wears a quality helmet in the correct way, it will reduce the risk for death substantially.

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