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Three Feet for Bicycle Safety

Posted by Bruce B. Brusavich | Sep 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

In 2013 the California legislature passed the Three (3) Feet for Safety Act now found at Vehicle Code section 21760. This law requires a driver of a motor vehicle overtaking and passing a bicycle to do so at a safe distance of at least 3 feet and cannot pass the bicycle unless it is safe to do so. Where a motorist violates this rule and strikes a bicyclist, this law creates a presumption of fault on the motorist.

AgnewBrusavich specializes in representing bicyclists in California who have been injured or killed by motorists. All bicyclists that share the road with cars are particularly vulnerable to being severely injured or lose their life if they are hit by a car, and this is the reason why it is necessary that a law like this exists. Bicyclists do not have the protection surrounding them to provide sufficient defense from an impact by a motor vehicle. This alone makes them highly prone to traumatic and devastating outcomes after a collision.

What are The Specifics Regarding the Three Feet for Safety Act?

Should an officer witnesses a driver who is violating this law, the driver can be cited. There will always be drivers that know they can be pulled over and cited for not allowing enough room between their vehicles and bicyclists. This alone will be enough motivation to follow the law. These drivers will be diligent in ensuring that they keep bicyclists at a safe distance. There are other drivers who won't bother to follow the guidelines and because of this, accidents between cars and bicycles will still happen.

If you are a bicyclist who was hit by a car, this law allows you to better obtain compensation in a California personal injury claim. AgnewBrusavich are the California bicycle accident lawyers that can help you with a successful claim. We will evaluate your case and discuss with you what legal options you have to pursue compensation as well as what to do and not to do to obtain the most compensation possible.

The base fine for a motorist that violates the law and hits a cyclist but doesn't inflict injuries is $35. However, after court and administrative fees are attached, the total amount is $233. The base fine rises steeply to $220 if the bicyclist sustains an injury from being hit by a vehicle. Then after all the extra fees are added in, that total comes to $959. In addition, when a bicyclist also pursues a personal injury claim or in the most catastrophic cases, dies and their loved ones pursue a wrongful death claim, the motorist will also be facing a civil suit. In some situations, depending on the details of the accident, a motorist could be facing criminal charges.

Speak with a California Bicycle Accident Attorney

Drivers who do not allow enough space and hit a bicyclist are potentially facing very expensive outcomes and rightfully so. Bicyclists deserve to be safe when they are on the road, and if they are hit in violation of the Three Feet for Safety Act, then it is important to connect with AgnewBrusavich. AgnewBrusavich are the Torrance personal injury attorneys you want fighting on your behalf so that you obtain a fair settlement in a California personal injury suit. Call AgnewBrusavich today to schedule a free consultation at (310) 928-9081.

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