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How to Get Medical Treatment After A California Accident During the Pandemic

Posted by AgnewBrusavich | Jan 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

The coronavirus pandemic has made most things in our daily lives change. If you were in a car accident, you are not immune from having to deal with the aftermath during these challenging times. Working through injuries, pain, and property damages after a California car accident is not easy and when you have to do it during a pandemic, it makes the whole situation that much harder.

When you are trying to navigate the complicated California personal injury claim process, you don't have to take it on alone. The Torrance personal injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich can provide you with informative legal counsel to answer all of your questions as well as fight on your behalf so you obtain the most compensation in your settlement.

How Can You Obtain Medical Treatment for Injuries After Your California Car Accident?

Things are changing all of the time as governments are assessing and reassessing how to handle daily operations during the pandemic. Because of this, every state has its own guidelines and restrictions as to what is allowed. In some states, there may be quarantine laws that limit when a person can leave their home and where they can go. For the most part, though, when it comes to emergencies and essential activities like seeing the doctor it is usually acceptable to go out.

That being said, while hospitals are open they may not be accepting patients unless emergency treatment is necessary. If you need to see a doctor or a specialist they too may be closed so it is best to contact the office first to see what their procedures are. Potentially, you could utilize telehealth depending on the nature of your injuries. It may even be the case that your doctor is open but you don't feel comfortable seeing them in-person due to concerns related to the virus. 

Whether you need emergency treatment, need to be seen in a doctor's office, or can utilize telehealth, it is important that you get the medical treatment and the care you need to help you heal from your injuries. Not only will securing medical care help you recover and heal, but it is also necessary to include in a strong Torrance personal injury claim. It is also helpful to keep a journal of the pain you are experiencing and how it is impacting your life. Additionally, you should keep details of the medication you have to take to manage your pain.

Speak with a California Personal Injury Attorney Today

Even though times are tough and more difficult than they were before the pandemic hit, that doesn't mean that you don't have the right to sue for compensation after your California car accident. You will need to obtain compensation for your damages now just as you would have before the pandemic. For resources and legal support call the California serious injury attorneys at AgnewBrusavich and schedule your free consultation today at (310) 928-9081.  The attorneys at AgnewBrusavich are here to serve you and provide you with the highest quality legal support.

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